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Power over People: The Koch Brothers

Big Money against Green and Social Justice impersonated: David and Charles Koch are the fourth richest Americans and the third wealthiest people in the world. They are also massive political players in the US parliament. Their influence is phenomenal and they are able to move political developments in their favour. They have also financed the Tea Party movement which has opposed President Obama. Koch industries, the second largest privately-held company in the US, is an oil refining, chemical, paper products and financial services company with revenues of a $100bn a year. The Koch brothers are active in avoiding environmental and financial regulations- they are skilled at maneuvering political developments to work in their favour.

via Bob Abeshouse / Al Jazeera, pls visit the full article following this link

At a secret meeting at Vail Colorado, David Koch was caught urging people to donate money to defeat Obama. In the 2010 congressional elections, the Koch brothers along with their partners spend $40 million to help right wing Tea Party Republicans gain power in the US House of Representatives. They have also founded a political organization called Americans for Prosperity which has supported the Republicans and played a key role in opposing Obama’s health care initiative. Americans for Prsoperity has spent nearly half a million dollars in financial support to Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker who is advocating cutting in social spending.

David and Charles Koch

The Koch brothers have also funded people to discredit the climate change campaign and have opposed campaigners who have stood up for environmental causes. They have also opposed taxation on fossil fuels. Patrick Micheals, a senior fellow at CATO which has been funded by the Kochs has often opposed research and activists who have sought to prove that climate change is a real threat. Greenpeace has found that Koch Industries have spent $50m lobbying for free market ideology. They have been one of the largest political spenders in the energy sector since 2000.

The Kochs through their political supporters have opposed efforts to reduce global warming emissions and encouraged the right wing Tea Party bloc. They are undeniably skilled in the usage of political lobbying to further their own business interests.

Read more about the Koch Brothers in an article by Bob Abeshouse for Al Jazeera, by following this link

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